Free Love at the ICA this Feb 14

Lewis deSoto, Passion Trace, 2006

This Saturday is Valentines Day and if you are in need of some love, come by the ICA. Here is why:

  1. Artist Lewis deSoto is a true romantic.  Passion Trace (above) maps the history of his romantic relationships.  Using colored lines to represent the women with whom he has had relationship and black for himself, he has traced their travels together on an invisible map of the world.  (Great break-up therapy, I’d say).
  2. To be enveloped in a meditative, immersive chocolate-scented art installation.
  3. Travel a darkened hallway and be lulled by a haunting vocal symphony.
  4. Be lulled by a trance-like interpretation of a classic ballad.
  5. Swoon over vintage car imagery, parts and accessories.
  6. Nibble on dark-chocolate treats.

What is there not to love?