Rejection and Dunk Tanks

Since Cathy mentioned dunk tanks in an earlier post, I think I should explain.  As part of an upcoming ICA show that examines the ups-and-downs of rejection we are exploring the possibility of renting a dunk-tank (inspired by this fake headline).  This show is appropriately titled It’s Not Us, It’s You and  is curated by Bay Area artist and Laundry-mat owner Ray Beldner.  As part this exhibition Beldner is collecting rejection letters of any sort up until the opening on April 3.  Feel free to send them to the ICA and we will get them to him.  The show will be from April 4 through June 20.  More info to come.  In the meantime, here is what I found when I searched “rejection letter” in google.

I searched Rejection Letter in google images, here is what I got.

I searched "Rejection Letter" in google images and here is what I found. Is is me or is it strange that someone put this on the internet? I think we like wallowing in our rejection.