Tshirts: $20 | Tshirt Catalogue Modeling Photography: Priceless

Print Center Artist-in-Residence Linn Meyers designed the amazing artwork for the limited edition Tshirts we are selling at the SubZero festival on Friday, June 5.  They are HOT. Print Center Director Fanny Retsek picked them up yesterday and our excitement over them  led to an impromptu “Tshirt Catalogue Modeling” session with Fanny and Preparator Mike Oechsli. As the impromptu photographer, I’d like to describe the photographic style as somewhere between American Apparel and Eddie Bauer.

Our models are adorable and the Tshirt Design is totally mesmerizing. Pick one up next Friday June 5 at the SubZero festival while they last. Just $20. You will get an amazing Tshirt AND all of that cash goes right back to support the ICA Print Center and programs. Everybody wins!