You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

As part of the Sisyphus Office show that artist Jonn Herschend curated in Houston, Assistant Curator Susan O’Malley (that’s me, by the way) has been working with the lovely people at to make changes to their front windows.


Almost everyday I’ve been sending Matt (an awesome employee at an inspirational poster file over email. Matt prints, hangs and snaps a photo of the posters.  Soon the entire window will be filled.  This is what is looks like to-date.


What has been really inspiring about this project is to know that there are practical strangers across this country willing  to devote time and resources to work with aritsts and cultural producers. At this particular moment in our world, when the problems are so large and daunting, art  matters. It matters because it creates meaning, allows the opportunity for reflection and it can also be really fun.  That is truly inspiring.

Thank you Matt and Steve and!!