Monotype Mania

Hi! It’s Cathy and I thought I’d write to dispel any rumors that I don’t know how to blog. (Of course, Susan has been sitting by my side, and coaching me through this entire post, but I think I’ve got it!)

This past weekend, in case you wondered what that energy was in the atmosphere – I’m here to tell you that it was the enthusiastic printmaking activity going on throughout the Bay Area. From Berkeley to Monterey, more than 60 artists participated in eight printmaking workshops to create some of the best monotypes I’ve seen in my nine years at the ICA.

While ICA Print Center Director, Fanny Retsek was hard at work leading the ICA’s workshops, ICA Assistant Curator Susan O’Malley visited the University of San Francsico, Lis DuBois, ICA Development Maven dropped by the ICA’s Print Studio and ICA Preparator, Mike Oechsli checked out the workshop at San Jose State. I ventured up to Berkeley to see the art making at Kala Art Institute and then back to the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto before ending up at the ICA.

Not only were the prints amazing, but the artists were incredibly happy. For the first time in the MM’s 15-year history, we lengthened the workshops from 4 hours to 8 hours. Having a full day to devote to the printmaking process not only resulted in happier artists, but higher quality work. No one was panicking to finish up. Instead, everyone was excited about what they’d accomplished and what more they were going to be able to achieve. This all leads to what I predict will be the best Monotype Marathon exhibition ever AND – if the bidders are as happy as the artists – the best MM fundraiser yet!

As the prints come in to the ICA, we will be documenting them and adding the images to our Flickr stream. So, keep checking back to preview the work. I promise you are going to LOVE it!