Remaking Our World

After absorbing the creative energy of  the printers participating in the Monotype Marathon this weekend, I ventured to the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo.  The take away message regarding both occasions: making things is alive and well. Let’s just say I was overwhelmed and totally inspired by what I experienced. While we live in the  technically sophisticated  Silicon Valley, the objects that I found most intriguing employed simple concepts and elegant design. Also, the hand of the artist/maker was obvious in the construction of the work. For instance, this amazing kinetic sculpture by artist Reuben Margolin made out of 2-liter soda bottles, a motor, chains and rope.


I also LOVED all of the beautiful and incredibly imaginative amusement rides. My sister waited an hour to ride this  manually operated ferris wheel made by talented wood worker Steven White. She said it was well worth the wait.


FYI, this beautiful object is for sale.  The pricetag: 20K.

Located in downtown San Jose, we see our fair share of amazing bikes.   But wouldn’t you want to get your morning coffee from this modified three-wheeler?


It is exhillerating to witness the cultural and social interest in the handmade these days. Making things – whether you are pickling your surplus lemons or printing your first monoprint – not only connects you to materials you are using, it taps into your creative instinct and opens your mind to solving problems. Imagine how a world of makers could tackle the problems we face. I am hopeful.