MFA Shows Con’t: Wunderflater at Stanford

When I heard Stanford’s MFA exhibition would be a collaborative effort of its five graduates, I was very interested and totally inspired.  I’ve never heard of this type of collaborative model happening  at an MFA show in the Bay Area and it caused me to wonder:  are we stronger when we work together?

I think this may be an inspiring case. While each graduating artist approaches their artmaking in a different way, they worked together to make something representative of  their collective skills and ideas, resulting in an experience that was truly surprising and yes, wonderful. The artists included Reed Anderson, Michael Arcega, Kazumi Shiho, Cobi van Tonder and Jina Valentine.

Here is what it looked like when you entered the space – you saw a beautiful inflated sculpture.


I think the entire object was inflated by one small household fan.  I loved that you had to take off your shoes to go inside.


When you entered the inflatable and turned the corner, you were confronted with a miniature version of the actual gallery space.



How can I even describe this experience? A meta-museum? A studio space packaged as a cabinet of curiosities? I would call it a successful collaboration –  where the artists chemistry  coelesced to make something extraordinary, weird and unexpected for the viewer while preserving the unique interests and curiosities of each of them.