MIXing it up with Architecture @ MCASD

Didn’t get to the Irvine Museum liked I had hoped but had 5 hours to myself on recent trip to San Diego. I checked out MCASD in La Jolla  and spent a few of those hours checking out MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers exhibition – showcasing work of innovative architects and designers in SD county, thru Sept 6. The 7 project rooms, one for each firm – reveal processes that often lie hidden behind the material and stylistic facade of architecture.

Most impressed with work by Teddy Cruz called “Radicalizing the Local: 60 miles of Transborder Conflict.”  Provides a stunning visual narrative of  impact of cross-border dynamics on architectural practices. GREAT interview with Cruz loaded on  iPOD you pick up at front desk that really adds depth to work on view.