Suyama in Seattle

I was in Seattle this weekend and met with Beth Sellars, who for over 10 years, has curated wonderful projects at the Suyama Space downtown Seattle.  Here at the ICA, we have been admiring Beth’s work for some time, so it was a treat to finally see the space and meet her. Suyama focuses on site-specific, experimental, and immersive projects. While there I saw an installation titled RAUMGREIFEND by Andreas Bee.


These large floating sculptures gracefully suspend from the ceiling and unexpectedly emit a wonderful airy energy.  I was also struck by the magnificent light in the space – depending on what time it is in the day, it casts different shadows on the work.


This experience also reminded of how important it is to experience art. While there have been plenty of gorgeous photographs documenting site-specific projects, nothing can quite replace the impression and power of being there.

This work is up until August 14.  If you can’t make this one, definitely make a trip to the space the next time you are in Seattle.