Ted Fullwood

While getting the NextNew: Green exhibition up and running over the last week, I took a break to meet San Jose artist Ted Fullwood.  I had heard about Ted’s colorful pipe cleaner sculptures and compulsive making (his house is a living sculpture) so it was wonderful to meet him and get a glimpse into his practice in person.


Fullwood has been making work out of  his San Jose home and treats it both as a studio and as a work of art. Practically everything in Fullwood’s house is tiled, quilted or hand-made. His former roomate, Adam Ellyson, has also contributed to his home over the years, with colorful rugs and curtains.  In the 25 years he has been in San Jose, he has lived in his current residence for the past 14 years and starting the mosaic projects 11 years ago.

Fullwood’s work reminded me of the folks from the Forcefield Collective that was born out the Rhode Island School of Design, most notably, Jim Drain and Ara Peterson’s work. I also couldn’t help to see connections to Nick Cave‘s incredible soundsuits and sculptures at YBCA.

Thank you Ted for the visit, it totally made my day!  Here are a few more pictures of  Ted’s home and work.