Notes from the Field: Observations by Kathy Rosner-Galitz

Gustavo Ramos Rivera Show at Seb Hamajian’s “Treehouse” in Santa Cruz

A childhood fantasy of mine was to live in an art gallery.  Seb Hamamjian of Hamamjian Modern in San Francisco ( is living my dream.  On Sunday, June  27, Seb graciously invited a small group including  ICA C-3 and C-4 members, to the opening of a special showing of the incredible art of Gustavo Ramos Rivera at his hilltop home in Santa Cruz where they also got to meet the artist.

Seb’s multi-level house with its white walls, nestled among the treetops was the perfect venue for Ramos Rivera’s vibrantly colored and whimsical works on canvas, collages, etchings, monotypes and sculptures.  The works ranged in size from large oils to small collages, but all demonstrated his mastery of color, texture and form imbued with his imaginative  symbology.  Vivid layers of color and line combine in his abstractions to reflect multiple influences from his Northern Mexican heritage to the San Francisco environment where he has worked and lived.

The show, which can be seen by appointment through September 15, features 27 of his pieces (several of which have since been sold) that document Ramos Rivera’s career from 1998 through the present.  Five of the collages are new works.  I had never seen his sculptures before this show, and was intrigued by them.  Like his paintings, they seem to reflect meandering tangents of thought, but are more delicate.

It was a delightful afternoon for all that attended.  Seb’s home is an excellent exhibition space and we hope he continues showcasing Bay Area artists.

Kathy Rosner Galitz is a member of the ICA’s board of directors and a longtime member and supporter of the ICA.

Gustavo Ramos Rivera and ICA Executive Director, Cathy Kimball, at the home of gallerist Seb Hamamjian for the opening of the artist's show.