Get Steve Martin to the San Jose ICA Auction!

Get Steve Martin to the San Jose ICA

We recently sent this invitation letter to Steve Martin (see below).  And guess what? It worked!
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Dear Steve,

The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is  a non-profit contemporary art gallery that presents work by established and emerging regional artists and provides educational programming to members, donors and the community.

We are inviting you to join the ICA this year as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.  Why you?  Why us?  We’ll explain.

The ICA has presented its Annual Fall Art Exhibition and Auction – our major fundraiser of the year –since we opened our doors 30 years ago. More than 175 works donated by established artists including Manuel Neri and Frank Lobell to “anonymous” artists are on view and for sale during the exhibition and auction.  This is a big deal for us and for the artistic and cultural community that we serve . This year the exhibition opens on October 1st with a silent auction.  The live auction – the “big event” – is on Saturday, October 23rd.

For the past 10 years the auction has been led by a good friend of the ICA and professional auctioneer named, you guessed it, Steve Martin.  And during these past ten years we have often wondered and dreamed about how cool it would be if the other Steve Martin (that’s you) attended our auction.

We also know, as many do, that you are an avid art collector/enthusiast; that you started buying art when you were in college; and that you’ve long been a champion of art collecting and art appreciation. High five!

Steve, this year we want to blow the roof off the joint.  So we figured, let’s just go for it.  Let’s ask the other Steve Martin to join in the celebration too!  What have we got to lose?  A smidgen of pride?  The respect of our friends and community?   Our jobs?  Pish!  We don’t care!   We’re doing it.  We’re inviting the other Steve Martin to our anniversary celebration.

There are many ways that you can participate, like:

  • coming to the October 1st opening reception and maybe throwing down a bid in the silent auction, or
  • being our very special guest speaker at our next Talking Art discussion in the gallery (Are you free on a Thursday nite in October?), or
  • visiting the gallery between now and say, mid October, shaking our hands, wishing us well, taking your picture with us, letting us interview you for our blog, becoming our first celebrity Facebook fan, signing our guest book, adding 20 bucks to our donation box, etc., etc., etc., or
  • whatever you want!

So, all kidding and lame attempts at humor aside, we really are serious.   We cordially invite you to join us and our friends at our big auction celebration this year.   Check us out on our website (   If you go to the “Exhibition Archive” Page you can read all about our past auctions, view pics and see the amazing works that artists have donated over the years.

You can call or email us if you want to explore this “amazing offer” further.

Thank you the Steve Martin for your time and consideration.  We look forward to a-snowball’s-chance-in-hell of speaking with you.

Kind regards,

The ICA Staff