GOT Steve Martin to the San Jose ICA!

Well folks, we did it! Together, through a stealth and somewhat misguided national mobilization effort to Get Steve Martin the the San Jose ICA’s 30th Annual Art Exhibition and Auction we GOT the Steve to the ICA!  Read the original invitation letter here to see how it all started.  Below is our Thank You letter to Steve.  Visit the ICA website to get all the details.

Dear Steve,

You are even more clever than you look. Hard to fathom.  Today we received your RSVP to our upcoming 30th Annual Art Exhibition and Auction in October.  Thank you, Steve <fist bump>.  And of course you responded in your expected, unexpected way.

You know Steve,  when we told folks that we invited you to join us at our auction fundraiser event because of the whole other Steve Martin cosmic connection and your own personal interest in art and collecting and all that, they all kinda went, “Meh.  Dream on, weirdos.”

Well who are the weirdos now?  Ok, we’re still weird but that’s beside the point.   We are now excitedly scheming about how we’re going to present your generous performance piece to our members, friends, supporters and guests at our anniversary event celebration.  And rest assured Steve, it will be done in the spirit of your generous gift, talent and truly genuine nature.

Again Steve, thank you so very much.  WE knew you would support the ICA and our 30-year old mission to serve up the best contemporary art in the hood. You get it, Steve.  Very, very cool.

And in the words of one tough, never-say-melt snowball in hell, “Has anyone seen my SPF90?”

Giddily yours,

The ICA Staff and Board of Directors